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Angelic Wisdom is very much like an Op Shop only it also sources products from small local business owners as well as having people donate goods.

Angelic Wisdom will help Pegasus Park by making Tax Free donations to help support the park.

It will source some of its items from the Facebook pages on BUY SWAP SELL giving money to locals in the Whittlesea and surrounding areas.

Angelic Wisdom will also accept goods from locals to help with support of Pegasus Park.

All items will be new and pre-loved to save them ending up as waste products.

My personal car will be responsible for collecting items; it would also be good to have a personal security guard come with me on these collection days – Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Angelic Wisdom sells my book Moonchild and my cards Pearls of Wisdom as well as other Animal Dreaming Books by Australia authors. It will also see cards by Animal Dreaming Authors and I will also be doing Reiki, Native American Drum & Sound Bowl Healings – By Appointment ONLY

Angelic Wisdom is open Monday – Wednesday and Friday 10:00am – 2:30pm and open on Saturdays by Appointment.

Angelic Wisdom


Pegasus Park