Pegasus Park

Farm & Sanctuary

Pegasus Park is a Community Development Project.

It is a Suicide Prevention Project and also a project for youth with ASD | Autism (Sensitive Kids)

It caters for children aged between 8 – 25 years old – it is a Youth Project.

The land at 430 Wildwood Road, Whittlesea (Mornmoot) would need to be either leased or bought using Government Funding and Partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic and NCAT

The land at 230 Wildwood Road (Jade Valley) would also need to be leased or purchased as Stage 2 of the Pegasus Project.

Pegasus Park will be the newest development with cutting edge philosophies and ideas. It will be run by a committee of local people for the local people.

Pegasus Park Partner Business supporters is the new age store – Angelic Wisdom – ABN: 75 914 748 665

Angelic Wisdom is owned and run by Melanie Ockwell – President of the Pegasus Park Project. As Angelic Wisdom grows it will donate money to helop fund the park. Pegasus Park will also need the support of the following organisations.

  • Melbourne Polytechnic – Epping (03) 9269 8400
  • Melbourne Polytechnic – Heidelberg (03) 269 1200
  • Melbourne Polytechnic – Yan Yean (03) 269 8400
  • Northern Lodge – Eden Park (03) 9269 1200
  • Riding for the Disabled, Victoria (03) 9258 4730
  • LaTrobe University 1300 528 762
  • R.M.I.T. University (03) 9925 2000
  • Cindy’s Promise Rescue and Rehab 0428 141 317
  • Narelle’s Native Australian Animal Rescue (Wildlife Rescue) 0417 506 941
  • Ingrid’s Haven (Cat Shelter) 0417 360 700
  • Environment Victoria (03) 9341 8100
  • The Historical Society Whittlesea. Meets every 3rd Sunday of each month 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Whittlesea Community Activity Centre
  • Autism Victoria (Info Line) 1300 308 699 or (03) 9657 1600
  • Amaze Victoria (03) 9657 1600
  • Hazel Glen School (03) 9717 7500
  • Whittlesea Secondary College (03) 9719 1200
  • The Lakes Prep – 9 School (Senior Campus) (03) 9401 3919
  • Mill Park Secondary College (Senior Campus) (03) 9409 8222
  • Melbourne Museum (03) 8341 7777
  • Melbourne Zoo 1300 966 784
  • Healesville Sanctuary 1300 966 784

The Park will employ locals from the area and encourage youth to become volunteers for future job prospects.

It will encase a riding school for Sensitive Kids run by Tyler McKay 0478 091 069

The riding school will consist of Manly Clydey Cross or Paint horses. Some will be donated to the school and some will need to be purchased. The riding school will also have 2 small donkeys for children to pat and get used to a large equine animal.

Narelle’s Rescue will be based at the park and will take in animals voluntarily to be rehabilitated and then released into Kinglake to help increase the population after the devastating fires destroyed the area.

It will also run a Special Music Recording Studio run by Mark Ockwell (0402 731 153) and Melbourne Polytechnic as well as local radio transmissions.



Jade Valley

Once Pegasus Park is established in Mornmoot Jade Valley will need to open to help fund Mornmoot. Jade Valley will house the Men’s Shed or woodwork shed. Here donated wooden furniture will be cycled by youth with the help of local men and women volunteers. It will then be sold to help fund the park.

Some furniture will also be given to women who are escaping Family Violence situations.

Angelic Wisdom is a new age store that sells new and used retail items as well as complimentary services such as Reiki and Sound Healing. With the help of Angelic Wisdom and other partnerships, Pegasus Park will grow strong.

Angelic Wisdom is looking for a cheap shop front in Whittlesea to lease and the idea space would be 56 Church Street, Whittlesea which is currently for sale. It would be ideal if council could purchase the shop and lease it to Angelic Wisdom so that this could support Pegasus Park.

Pegasus Park is very similar to Green Chimneys is the USA that uses animals as therapy for disadvantaged and sensitive kids aged 8 – 25 years old.

Green Chimneys is a huge success in America. Pegasus Park will be a huge success in Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia

This is just some of my many idea for Pegasus Park. If you would like to get on board, please like and follow us on Facebook or send a text to Melanie Ockwell on 0421 872 253

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