About Melanie


Melanie is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She has suffered depression on and off since her mother passed away in 2007. It was while Melanie was seeking to regain her happiness that she founded her new business – Angelic Wisdom – which she shares insightful and uplifting quotes to brighten your day as well as selling goods.

Melanie is also the founder of Pegasus Park Farm & Sanctuary, which she is lobbying to be built in Whittlesea, Victoria.

Pegasus Park is based on the hugely successful Green Chimneys in America, as Pegasus Park will also have animals as therapy for those on the Autism Spectrum – which Melanie prefers to call Sensitive Souls.

The aim of Pegasus Park is to create a safe place for Sensitive Souls aged 8 to 25 years and is meant to include an quine program as well as meditation classes, music classes, a recording studio, Men’s shed and Animal Sanctuary.

The park is a vision that came to Melanie after the terrible Black Saturday Bush fires in 2009.

“It was while I was cooking dinner for my family that the vision of Pegasus Park came to me unfolding in my minds eye. As this was happening, tears of joy ran down my cheeks as the vision was so beautiful and the peace that I felt was amazing. It was a beautiful vision of a park that helps both Humans and Animals.”

It was then that Melanie knew it would be her life mission to try and create this slice of paradise for all Sensitive Souls to enjoy.

Melanie battled her depression and has since slowly clawed back her life.

“Life wasn’t the same without my Mum; it was like the sun has stopped shinning.”

Through the darkness Melanie wrote her book Moonchild to inspire others that it is OK to be different and you can make your way back to your true path.

“I have face many Dark Nights of the Soul and have come out the other end with knowledge.”

Melanie loves nothing more than sharing her wisdom and has done so in the book Moonchild. She is also working on future books. Child Meditations and stories for children as well, so keep a look out for those in the future too.

Moonchild the paperback book is $21.95 or $25.00 for a signed copy by me with a small message especially for you.

The Angelic Wisdom Facebook page is where you can find listed items for sale as well as uplifting quotes to keep your spirits high. By support and buying from the Angelic Wisdom page you are also helping Pegasus Park

Please follow the Pegasus Park Farm & Sanctuary page to keep updated on how we are progressing with this exciting new development.

Love and Light

Melanie Ockwell

Angelic Wisdom


Pegasus Park